And so it begins…

‘They’re So Cute When They’re New’ is one of my favorite sayings when I meet a new client. On day one they are so optimistic, they are so energetic, they have so much faith blog startin themselves and their ability to change. Eveyrthing seems possible and everything seems easy. Then as my boss points out, they meet me. It is my job to be the voice of reason; the one that tells them how much time, work and effort it is going to take to reach their goals, how their difficult team members aren’t going to miraculously jump on board overnight and how this is going to be a hard journey.

Luckily no one has come along and told me all that about this blog yet. I am in that giddy happy smiley stage where I believe everyone still thinks I am brilliant and this is a great idea. Where I picture them running and telling their friends about this great new website they have to visit and the Facebook page I created for the blog will get 100,000 likes overnight. I will always have time to write and I will always have something entertaining to say. This is going to be a piece of cake. Right?

Most changes we choose start out this way. Whether it is a business venture, a new love interest, buying a house, or even going off to college. The changes we choose (as opposed to those that choose us) start off with a bang. They are bright shiny packages that we can’t wait to open. They leave us feeling like we have the tiger by the tail and can take on the world. We are invincible. No challenge is beyond us. Why can’t it stay that way?

It can’t stay that way because change worth having takes work. It takes effort. It takes sacrifice. No new baby is born without the agonies of pregnancy and delivery, no new home is bought without the misery of house shopping, appraisals and closings, no great new summit is reached without climbing the mountain and no rainbows exist without someone getting wet.

But I will save the hard part, the serious part, for upcoming posts. For now welcome to my blog, to my change, to my life!!!

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