Through Their Eyes: Leading Change in a Resistant Organization

This is the week of the blog I am most excited by, my guest writers. This week’s post is by Dayna Guillot. I met Dayna a couple years ago as a client and am glad to now daynacall her a friend.

“Organizational changes are inevitable in today’s society with the ever-changing technology, customers and markets. Resistance to these changes should be expected. People are creatures of habit, therefore, find in hard to change a routine. Making changes that force people out of their comfort zone will not come easy. These changes will require more time and energy in learning a new routine. How you, as an organization, overcome this resistance will determine your success or failure.

For an organization to overcome resistance to change and lead successfully, you need to be aware of the obstacles and know how to deal with them. The presentation of organizational changes to employees needs to be thought out thoroughly. Educating employees and communicating the need for changes can eliminate fear which causes resistance. Leadership must encourage an environment of mutual trust with its employees.

Employees must feel as if they matter!”

Now it is your turn, I need help filling this slot once a month. Would you be willing to share a story of change you have been through or are going though, a poem you wrote about change in life, lessons you have learned? It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be professionally written. It just has to be topic appropriate.

help wanted

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