So They Say: Our Iceberg is Melting


Where Who Moved My Cheese addresses individual response to change, Our Iceberg is Melting looks at how groups react and respond to unplanned change. In this narrative John Kotter centersiceberg2 a story about penguins and finding a new home around his “Eight Step Process for Successful Change”. Through the animated story he exemplifies how successful change comes from:

  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Developing a guiding team
  • Developing the change vision and strategy
  • Communicating the vision buy in
  • Empowering others to act
  • Producing short term wins
  • Not letting up
  • Creating a culture of change


My Thoughts

I love this book. I assign this book to all my new clients on day one. I think every new employee should be given this book the day they are hired and that it should be mandatory reading for every promotion into management. Of all the books geared towards culture and change management I have read, this is the book that I find the easiest for people to instantly apply to their everyday lives.

John Kotter gets directly to the heart of most groups issues without becoming technical. He guides readers through the issues of getting the attention of management and others who may not yet recognize the problem, freeing up time to address the problem, messaging the problem and solution to the larger audience and most importantly how to work with your “no-no penguins”. This book can be translated easily into a clear roadmap for any change you or your organization are undertaking.

For those who read Iceberg and are looking for more detailed information on any of the 8 steps or how to apply them, John Kotter also has corresponding “adult books” which I also highly recommend. They provide a deep dive into each of his principles and strategies for addressing them.

One thought on “So They Say: Our Iceberg is Melting

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