That’s Not How We Do It Here!!!

For anyone who has known me a while or followed this blog, it is no secret I am a fan of John Kotter. I have read his books, I have studied him in multiple classes in school, I use his books and knowledge with my clients and I have reviewed his book “Our Iceberg is Melting” in a previous post . For many reasons I was ecstatic when a classmate pointed out he had a new book out. In “That’s Not How We Do It Here!” Dr Kotter co-authors with the same partner, Holger Rathgeber, that he did in ‘Iceberg’

Beyond the author being one of my favorite, I loved the book because it addresses a major issue in the change management and change leadership realms, the perpetual problem of people being stuck in always doing what they have always done. And just like with ‘Iceberg’ the book is delivered in a fable format. I have found that these fables are not only easier to get people to read, due to their length, but they also have an added factor of being able to get people out of their heads in a way that helps them absorbed the message. For that reason I use these type of books regularly with my clients.

I bought the book the minute I learned about it and went to my favorite place, the pasture, to read it. My mare and foal got story time. I was in no way disappointed as I devoured it in under an hour.

The story is centered around meerkats and their survival in the Kalahari. Kotter explores how different clans adapt to novel threats such as vultures and sandstorms, how they deal with growth in their organizational size and how they find a balance between the needs to manage the current and how to innovate for long-term survival. The lessons are directly applicable to business, to social organizations and day to day life.

An overview video of the book is available: but I highly suggest reading the whole book. Use the video while you wait for the book to arrive but the greatest little lessons are lost if you count on only the video.

Read this book and buy your boss a copy!!!!

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