Location, Location, Location

Bear with me, this post is a bit different than most I write. The topic is still change and leadership but instead of practical matters I want to ramble about space and human existence.

Again today Stephen Hawking is in the news. He is advocating for another moon landing and the development of a moon colony in the next 20 years. Specifically the comment he made that struck me was, “if we don’t colonize other plans in the next 100 years, we may not survive climate change, disease, and other versions of doom we’re bound to inflict on ourselves.” For a very intelligent man, this hit me as a very short sighted suggestion for that problem.

Much like my clients who I see buy different software packages, expecting their process and culture issues to be erased, moving a broken humanity, responsible for its own doom, to another planet seems like a fool hardy solution that will only result in delaying the same outcome. Changing tools, changing location, changing universes even is denial at best when you are facing a culture or behavioral problem. Moving humans to Mars will no more solve our impact on the environment or our bodies than JC Penny can save itself right now by moving all its stores one block north.

If Hawking is right and we are the makers of our own demise then facing the root causes of that extinction and proactively changing our behavior seems like the only logical answer to me.

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