About Me

I have spent the last 25 years working in change management of one type or another. I started out as a researcher in the bio-medical arena. I spent my time exploring the devastating changes that chronic rare meandjasillnesses bring to people’s lives and trying to find ways to help them mitigate those changes. Next I landed in marketing and project management, where change can be either loved or hated. For the last 12 years I have worked as a Business Analyst and Consultant in the professional services realm. I work with firms ranging from 5-5000 people, helping them address their process, culture, training and technology inefficiencies.

I am not sure whether it is moreblog about me accurate to say that I am change-resistant in my personal life, or to say that I am just a stubborn believer that holds out hope way too long that a situation can be made better before I will give up. Either way I’m sure that is a topic the blog will address many times.

Much of my time outside of work is spent with my horses Jasmine, Zeke and Cookie. I ride, I show Western Pleasure and I spoil them rotten. They ground me and help me learn many of the life lessons that the humans never could reach me with. Riding makes me a better person and a better leader. I also have three cats who don’t listen to my leadership at all.

I have recently begun my own business, Saddle Up Consulting, providing life/executive/change leadership coaching to individuals. I also do public speaking and horse clinics. To find out more visit my site at: http://www.saddleupconsulting.com .

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