About this Blog

I am passionate about three things…my job, the people close to me (my friends and family) and my horses. The order I’d list them varies depending on the mood I am in. But they are all what drive me. The older I get the more I also realize they aren’t that separate. The lessons I have learned in my life from those around me carry over to the advice I give my clients, the lessons I have learned from riding and horsemanship change how I see the people closest to me, and the issues I watch my clients face definitely impact the advice I give family and friends. They are all part of the whole that is my life.

As I sat down to define this blog I realized I couldn’t untangle my thoughts enough for this just to be a blog about change management, although it is partially that. And that I couldn’t address leadership without getting into the lessons horses have taught me, so it is partially about leadership too. And I knew I couldn’t just talk about horses either, because the lessons from work creep in there too, but it is partially about horses.

Like my life this blog is about that space where all three come together, about how they compliment and complete each other and how we carry what we learn in one area into the rest of our word.

And my target audience, I hope, will be just as eclectic. Day to day part of my time is spent with CEO’s and the leaders of Fortune 500 businesses, part of my life is spent with the people who know me and love me for who I am, and part of my life is spent around horse owners, trainers and other horse crazy people. The best part of my life is the spot where those groups collide; where clients have become friends, where friends are also part of my horse show world, and where the lines blur and change.

My goal for this blog is for it to be a weekly publication that addresses all these topics and all these people. Some of it will be my thoughts, some of it, I hope, will be the thoughts of others and some of it will be things I have read or watched.


I want this blog to be as much about you as it is about me. I welcome comments, I would love to have people stand up and offer to write guest authored posts, I want you to suggest books for me to read. I want us to take the journey of this blog together, wherever it may lead.

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